Laptop Screen Extender from Brngit Vistaar – A comprehensive guide

In the constantly evolving technology space and the increasing demand for flexibility while maintaining productivity, portable monitors or laptop screen extenders has turned out to be a game changer for laptop users. Whether you are a stock trader, designer, lawyer, coder, educator , this laptop screen extender from bring it – Vistaar can help you increase productivity while also giving you the convenience to enjoy additional display. In this blog we will see how this revolutionary product from bring it should be in your bucket list.

What is a laptop screen extender from brngit vistaar?

A laptop screen extender is a pair of additional screens that can be attached to your existing laptop to effectively extend the laptop display creating a multi display system that helps in multitasking or viewing multiple tabs at the same time. It is perfect for stock traders, educators, designers, coders and students who need to check on multiple tabs simultaneously while working. Moreover it is portable and easy to carry which makes it extremely useful if you want to carry your setup while traveling or if you are a digital nomad. Now let us look at the benefits of using a laptop screen extender from Brngit Vistaar-

What are the advantages of using laptop screen extender?

Increased productivity

When it comes to maintaining productivity during your work, this laptop screen extender from vistaar is a blessing for people who want to maintain their efficiency and productivity during work. Having multiple screen enables you to open multiple tabs, documents and work on them at the same time. It is perfect while making analysis, and comparisons between different tabs or files.


The best thing about this device is the flexibility and customizations that it offers. You can set it up as per your specific requirements. You can customize the screen positions and also change the form of display from mirror to extended display to best suit your needs and requirements.


The best part about this device is the portability it offers.  It is easy to carry during travel and you can pack it in a small backpack along with your laptop. You can also set it up by customizing the screen adjustments as per your specific needs. You also don’t have to worry about any additional powerhouse as this device gets plugged in directly to your laptop without any external power required.

Cost effective

This device is cost effective as well. Instead of purchasing multiple laptops you can purchase this screen extender that will instantly convert your single screen laptop into a triple screen laptop. This double screen extender will cost you 50% less than an additional laptop.

What are the factors you should consider while choosing a laptop screen extender?

While choosing a perfect laptop screen extender, you should consider following points- 


While choosing a portable monitor or laptop screen extender you should always check the compatibility with your laptop ports and operating system. Some laptop extenders are made solely for Mac oS while there are some screen extenders which are made for windows systems. You should also make sure the device is compatible with your laptop ports (USB-C / HDMI etc.)

Display Quality

You should choose the monitor with a high resolution display and vibrant colors so that you can have a better viewing experience. While 1080P is the commonly available display resolution, it also works best in case of portable monitors or screen extenders. It’s advisable to avoid displays below 720P as it might distort the content and hamper the viewing experience.

Size and portability

The size of portable monitors available in the market ranges between 12” to 15.6”. If you are a regular traveler then 12” would be a perfect fit for you. On the other hand if you prefer to work from your desk then you always opt for a 15.6” display as the display size is bigger and better. 15.6” is also better for professionals like stock traders, lawyers who want to keep a constant eye on even small movements or content.


You should select the monitor that would best accommodate the device that you have. You should check for a USB-C port with an alternate display port and USB power delivery. This setup will need a single cable connection with both the extended screens and the monitor. You can also check for the HDMI port if you have a device that you want to connect to.

Different types of laptop screen extenders

There are different types of laptop screen extenders present in the market. Some of the commonly available screen extenders are – 

Side By Side Dual Monitor Extender for Laptop

If you are looking to add only one extra screen then this side by side dual monitor extender is the best option for you. It gives you an extra display that blends with your laptop and works as an extension to the laptop’s display.

Stacked laptop screen extender

The difference between a stacked laptop screen extender and side by side dual monitor extender is that this one is stacked on the top of the laptop display instead of sideways. This is extremely useful if your work involves going through long documents and writing codes.

Triple Screen extender

The triple screen extender is best among all the three types of laptop screen extenders. It allows you to convert your laptop into a powerful workstation. It is ideal for designers trying to create complex designs or stock traders trying to check multiple reports simultaneously. 


Brngit Vistaar continues to revolutionize the way we work on our laptops by offering a better display, enhanced productivity at an affordable cost. Now you don’t have to spend a hefty amount to create a proper workstation for you but you can have your workstation ready at anyplace and anytime at an affordable cost using Brngit Vistaar. 

Do laptop monitor extenders work?

Yes laptop monitor extender works perfectly with your laptop to give you a better working experience.

Can a laptop extend to 3 monitors?

Yes, with brngit vistaar you can convert your single screen laptop to triple screen laptop easily in less than 30 seconds.

Are monitor extender worth it?

Yes, Monitor extenders can increase your productivity and are absolutely wish buying. Moreover they are cost effective as well.

Can you extend laptop display with HDMI?

Yes the brngit vistaar screen extender can be connected using HDMI to your laptop.

Do laptop run faster with external monitor?

Having an additional monitor does not affect the speed of your laptop. Your laptop speed will remain same.

How can I extend my laptop screen wirelessly?

Brngit vistaar allows you to extend your laptop screen without using any wire.

Why do people use extra monitor with laptops?

Using an extra screen improves productivity and is extremely helpful for professionals like designers, traders, coders and students who require working on multiple tabs simultaneously.

Do extra monitor affect CPU?

No, having an screen extender with your laptop doesnot affects the CPU performance.

What is the difference between screen extender and external monitor?

Screen extender plugs in directly with your laptop. It is portable and you can carry it anywhere in your small backpack. Also unlike external monitors it does not require any additional power source to work.

How do I extend my HP laptop screen?

You can use brngit vistaar to extend your HP laptop screen.

Can I extend 2 monitors to my laptop?

Yes you can extend 2 monitors to your laptop. Alternatively you can also use screen extender by brngit vistaar. It is portable and easy to carry anywhere and has a better display quality compared to laptop.

Can my laptop support 2 screens?

Yes you can extend two screens with your laptop using laptop screen extender by brngit vistaar.

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